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Amico means a friend.
We are your best friends in organic,
our logo is our signature.
We Are
Born In Organic. ©

We have a single goal.  Nature.
Take care of her like a child.
That it never stops growing.
We want to be the Family of Nature.
Amico Bio.
Amico Bio is an agricultural coop. founded in 2010,
located in Capua in the province of Caserta.  
in the heart of the fertile Campania Felix.
The organization produces and markets fruit and vegetables
from organic and biodynamic agriculture under the Demeter brand.
In 2016 it obtained recognition as a Producers' Organization, code IT580.
Our pourpose:
enhance organic and biodynamic production 
• publicize the characteristics of organic products and the related scientific knowledge 
participate in fairs, seminars, workshops, open days, on organic farming issues 
• participate in research and experimentation programs on organic products 
• technical assistance to shareholders 
• participation in regional, national and European funding aimed at achieving the social purpose.

Amico Bio is specialized in
horticultural productions, cultivating
about 500ha of which 150ha in tunnels
on about 350ha of open field.
The daily quality control means
that the company, today, has become a leader
in Italy  in the organic and
biodynamic agriculture sector.
created with lots of love
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