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Fruit and Vegetables

A jewel of a company immersed
in the greenery of Campania Felix.
The company is specialized in production
of fruit and vegetables from organic
and biodynamic crops,
and packaging of I range products

Near the Volturno river, immersed in a
green and fertile countryside is born an
nice post-harvest processing warehouse,
specialized in the packaging of IV ranges.
It Includes the company vivarium which
self-procuded the plants starting from seeds.

Located in Terra di Lavoro,
the company was founded with
the aim of embarking on a new path
that of organic gardening.
The company produce and sells
edible flowers of different varietes and colors.

breeding of the Amico bio group specialized
in organic and biodynamic breeding of
black pigs from Caserta and cattle of the
Marchigiana breed, in the splendid village of Giano Vetusto.
Inside the company there is an area
equipped for picnics, carousels for children
and lots of green space.
created with lots of love
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